Social Media Marketing in San Gabriel Valley California

Social Media marketing is possibly one of the most misunderstood subjects on the internet today.

Most businessmen are now aware of what social media are – Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn and so on – but few understand how to make use of them to advance their businesses.

Using social media is not about going on to Twitter and posting in less than 140 characters “My pizza house has a special deal on today. Two for the price of one. Call 123-456-7890”. That is called advertising and nobody on Twitter is going to take any notice of you.

The way to use social media is to engage with your readers/customers/audience, or whatever name you want to give it.

The problem is that many businessmen do not really understand what is meant by the term “engage”. What you need to do on social media sites is to build a rapport with your audience.

As an example, if you went to the Chamber of Commerce meeting and met a new member you wouldn’t say “Hello Jim, I’m Bill. If you come to my pizza house I’lll give you 10% off”. What you would do is get to know Jim, what his business is, perhaps talk about his family and yours, where he goes for a holiday, and – yes – you would tell him that you own the pizza house in the mall, but you wouldn’t give him a sales pitch.

Three or four months later, when you have got to know Jim, you might then casually say “Oh, since it’s you, if you want to bring the family down for a pizza I’ll give you 10% off”.

What you have done is to spend time getting to know Jim and building a relationship with him, and that’s exactly what you need to do on social media.

The problem you have is that you’re running a business and you just don’t have the time to spend all day on Facebook indulging in what you see as social chit chat that is not going to bring you any immediate business.

That’s why we do it for you. Our social media marketing service in San Gabriel Valley takes care of all the day-to-day build up of rapport with your audience until it comes to the point when you CAN begin to promote your business.

Social media marketing can be extremely profitable, provided that you understand two things: it requires continuous input, and results will not happen overnight. But it IS very rewarding when done correctly.

Social Media Marketing in San Gabriel Valley